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About Knomesthetics

Knomesthetics was the emergence of 10 years of community integration and a desire to make a life for myself that wasn't dependent on the Man. The word is made from my chosen name Knome, first uttered in chant by my dear friend Anton 'Tippett" Bomb (Rest In Power), and aesthetics.

 Knomesthetics began with deep interest in music, myth and metal. I was a burgeoning artist of sorts; discovering my materials, my style and my capacity for a creative life.  I first exercised my creative eye as a set/stage/altar builder and installation artist for the Oracle Gatherings in 2002. 

  As I grew in the community, I found metal as thee grounding element I was searching for, the emergence of my fire and deep earth. Working hard to gain the experience, skills and the tool set to begin to work, compete and thrive in the industry, I officially opened business as a licensed/bonded metal fabricator and industrial artisan in 2011.  

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